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swarajathi (rAveme maguva) | ananda bhairavi | Adi (2 kalai)

swarajathi (rAveme maguva) | ananda bhairavi | Adi (2 kalai)

Song: swarajathi (rAveme maguva)
rAgam: ananda bhairavi
tAlam: Adi (2 kalai)
Genre: Carnatic | Indian
Language: Telugu
Composer: Sobanadri | Veerabhadraiah (unverified)
Event: April 17 2010 Guru Sishya Concert at Sanatan Dharma Kendra, Sunnyvale, CA


Vocals: Dhanya Subramanian and Students»
Violin: Aravind Sheshadri»
Mirudangam: Balaji Mahadevan»


S G1 R2 G1 M1 P D1 P S || S Gi Ri Gi Ma Pa Dha Pa S

S N1 D2 P M1 G1 R2 S || S Ni Dhi Pa Ma Gi Ri S

Raveme maguva vinavudaka
P , , , P M G M P , M , P M G R S , , , , , M , G , , R S , n ,

vave dukanu karuna neduva kakulutho dukoni
S , , , , , -S , , , n , G , R , S G R G , – M G M P D P -P , M G M

Ve vegamu kajanina vimpuka nukoni
P , , P , , P , N , N , S , S , S , , M , , G , R , N , S , S ,

eeva duva ladani eematavi numani
P , , S , , S , N , D , P , M, M , , P , , M , G , R , G , M ,

A mani nivaka lemo chaluvuni ke moganamu kathochinanu marache
P , P , D P M G M , M , P M G R G , G , M G R S N , S G R- M G R

nata nemanu konu yathani kama mambunan dune mitho chagnu nundigada
R S n , S G R S P M G R n S , -G R, -M G , -P M , P D P – P , M G M

Shree garuda shobana thrivi puduneda chelingalache nata
P , D P M G M , M , , , M , P M G R G , G , , , M P , M G R S n

nanungalu valu rajugalanu dhelsu nata upayamu nuthel pithodukoni
S M , G R S -M P , M G R P S , N D P -M P , M G M n , S G , R G M

P: Won’t you come (rAvEmO) Maiden (maguva) and listen (vinava tagavA) to the funny thing (vEDukanu) ?… with sympathy (karuNa nEDuvaga)….bringing along(tODukoni)

A: After hurrying (vEVegamE chani) and finding my Lord (nAvibu kanukoni) even if he says that it is not possible (vADuvaladhaninA) tell him to listen to my message (words) (nAmAta vinumani)

C: Did I not think (umti gadA) that even if the other woman’s (A mAnini) actions (vagalE) appeared to be great to my beloved (mA cheluvunakEmo ghanamuga tOchi) and he forgot me (nanu marachenaTa nEmanukoni ), and for him (yataniki) in that state of shame (y+A mAnambunamthu) nothing will make sense (n+Emi tOchadanu numti).

C: Today (nEdu) the Lord of SObanAdri (sObanAdri vibhuDu) with those damsels (A chelingalase) will dance?? (natananu)…. Tell Him the action plan (upAyamu telpi) and bring Him with you (tOdukoni)

(Source: karnatik.com)


Aravind Sheshadri (violin) is the grandson and disciple of Vidushi.Smt.A.Rajamma Keshavamurthy, Rajyotsava Awardee and renowned vocalist of Karnataka. He is the son & disciple of renowned violinist, Vidwan Sri.B.K.Sheshadri and has had advanced tutelage under Sangeetha Vidyasagara Violin Vidwan Late Sri.R.R.Keshavamurthy. He has been performing the past several years at various sabhas and organizations, such as DD Chandana and Kamat Group in Bangalore. He has accompanied many budding artists and have given violin duet concerts along with his father.
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Balaji Mahadevan (mirudangam) had his initial training from Shri K.S.S.Mani (Chennai) for 8 years. He continued to learn from Shri Madhu Sudhanan, Chennai (disciple of Shri Karikudi Mani). Balaji has accompanied many leading artists in chennai and in US and has also played for many cassette / CD recordings and TV shows and he has been accompanying for various dance arangetrams and dance ballets. Balaji Mahadevan is a graded artist from All India radio, Chennai. He is also skilled in playing Tabla, Dhol, Thavil, Khol.
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