2017 annual day concert – 1 of 2

Sunday · May 14, 2017 @ 1:30pm PT

Quinlan Community Center
10185 N Stelling Rd
Cupertino, CA 95014 USA


Students of Dhanyasy School of Music

Accompanied by:

Mridangam: Ganesh Murali
Ganesh Murali is from Mumbai, India. He has recently completed 10th Standard. Ganesh has been learning the Mridangam for the last seven years from his guru, Shri Shankar Lakshman. Ganesh has won several state-level Mridamgam competitions in India.

Some of Ganesh’s hobbies include drawing and swimming; he has won several competitions in drawing as well.

Tabla: Sasank
Sasank has been learning Tabla for the last five years at Tabla Niketan. His guru is Sri. Satish Tare. He is a 5th grader in Don Callejon School.
Keyboard: Arun Anand Natarajan
Sri Arun Anand Natarajan, a self-taught musician, is a resident of SF bay area. He started playing the keyboard from a very young age and has been driven by an interest to explore carnatic music with the western instrument. He has accompanied many young artists on stage, in carnatic music events.

Event Details:

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