Song: geetham 08 (janaka sutha)
rAgam: saveri
tAlam: rupakam, Chathurasra Jãthi
Composer: Purandara Dasa
Language: Sanskrit
Genre: Carnatic | Indian
Artist: Dhanya Subramanian |
Geetham: #8 (Gãnãmrutha Bõdhini)

Lyrics / Notation:

Arohanam : S1 R1 M1 P D1 S
Avarohanam: S N2 D1 P M1 G2 R1 S

D S | R M M , || M G | G , R S ||
Ja na | ka su tha || ku cha | kum ku ma ||
G , | R R G , || R R | S D S , ||
Pan | ki tha la || ncha nu | re re ||
D D | P M P , || P M | G R S R ||
Ba li | ha ru re || kha ga | va ha na ||
P M | G R R M || G R | S , S , ||
Ka | nchi pu ri || ni la | ya ||
S R | S , N D || S R | M , G R ||
Ka ri | ra ksha ka || bhu ja | vi kra ma ||
M , | P D P M || P D | P , P P ||
Ka | mi tha pha la || da | ya ka ||
R R | M M P , || D P | D P P M ||
Ka ri | va ra da || kal | ya na ||
P D | S , N D || N D | P D M , ||
Pe run | de vi ma || no | ha ru re ||
D P | P M G R || R M | G R S , ||
Ka ri | gi ri ni || va | su re ||


Janaka sutha kucha kumkuma — pangitha lanchanu re re. Baliharure khaga vahana — kancheepuri nilaya — kari rakshaka bhuja vikrama — kamitha phaladaya — karivarada kalyana — Perundevi manoharure — karigiri nivasure.


Oh! Rama, decorated by the kumkum that is Sita, the daughter of Janaka. You are the one who killed emperor Bali. You have Garuda as your vahana. You granted boons to Gajendra. You are the lord of the auspicious Lakshmi. You reside in Karigiri.

(Source: Ganamrudha Bodhini, p.58, Geetham 8 )


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