Song: kalaiyaatha kalviyum (virutham)
rAgam: kApi
Composer: Abhirama Bhattar (Abhiraami Andhaadhi Padhigam)
Genre: Carnatic | Indian
Language: Tamil
Artist: Dhanya Subramanian |

You can also listen to this song on YouTube

  • Mini

    Loved the new layout of the site. It is well organized and easy to look up. Having access to to the lyrics is a great plus. Would it be too much to ask to also have a ‘playlist’ feature where we could hear several songs?
    Just check the audio on the virattam (kapi) it has some “squeaky” spots, you may want to check the settings. Having the lyrics float along is also awesome!
    Great site!!

  • Mini — thanks for the feedback. Playlist feature is coming shortly. Rgd the “squeaky” spots, could u give me references to specific points in the timeline (3:24) where u noticed this? Will check it out. Also, are u referring to the vimeo video and/or the audio player that plays only the MP3? LMK if u see this problem in the MP3 as well. I have myself noticed vimeo streaming (not so much squeaky audio) issues at times on Firefox browser. It will be great if you could also give feedback on the overall streaming quality.
    — sanJ aka webmaster ;=)

  • Carnatic (audio-only) playlist has now been enabled in the RHS column

  • Mini

    OK, the ‘squeaky mouse’ in the house seems to be IE! In Firefox, the audio quality is way better and no IE, however, 00:30-1:00 , 2:30-3:00 are the problem spots. On both, the ‘echo’ seems to be a tad too much…
    Dhanya, you have been really busy looks like…Behag thirupugazh is also up..loved it..will keep listening to it!
    Thanks so much to your ardent fan and webmaster!!
    PS: Have not yet tried the playlist..I am sure that is awesome too..

  • panchamy

    Hi Dhanya,Vismaya,
    Very soulful singing!Vismayakutty u did a fantastic job too!
    Excellent…Keep it up!The newsite looks very cool!congrats…..

  • panchamy

    Hi Vismaya,Dhanya,Sanjay,
    Your Website looks Great with lots of information…Virutham is very soothing filled with Bhakti in it.Wonderful!Vismaya’s voice is very cute….Good job Vismayakutty!
    Congrats to you all…Keep it up!

  • panchamy

    Hi Vismaya,Dhanya,Sanjay,
    Your new site looks Great !The playlist feature and Access to lyrics is really cool!
    Vismaya kutty…u Did a Superb job!Congratulations on ur new site.Dhanya,u have so much Bhakti in ur voice!Wonderful……

  • @panchamy: thank you for the comments. Glad to note that you like the new site and my song postings.

  • prabitha

    I like the way you created this site,and your voice is very nice.I don’t know classical music well ,but i like your singing.Please add more information about the composer.

  • K.R.Ravi

    Highly impressive site . Soulful music.Thanks for giving me the opportunity to listen to a beautiful voice. 

  • radha

    hi dhanya. am radha from chennai. am now based in muscat.  am a student from music academy. i practice regularly. cud u suggest me some voice care tips  so that my voice doesnt go hoarse due to singing. also cud you suggest some breathing exercises which will help me to sustain / to have good breath control while singing.
    by the by your renditions are awesome.

  • Bhaminitrivedi

    Hi Dhanya

    I just listened to this. It is beautifully sung. Takes us to Thirukadavur.


  • Saraswathy

    Hi Dhanya,
    I’m trying to learn this from your rendition as I liked it very much. Can you please share the notation for the same? Thank you.

  • Reshma

    Hi Dhanya ma’am,
    I would like to know if you will take lessons one on one online? I live in Seattle. Please let me know.

  • Bhuvana_raj

    excellent work. good share

  • brindhabrindha

    Hi Dhanya M’am ,
    Its a very heart touching soulful rendering, Have already heard it over a 100 times !!!