Song: swarajathi (kamAkshi)
rAgam: bhairavi
tAlam: misra chApu
Composer: Syama Sastry
Genre: Carnatic | Indian
Language: Telugu
Artist: Dhanya Subramanian |

20 naTabhairavi janya

Aarohanam: S R2 G2 M1 P D2 N2 S
Avarohanam: S N2 D1 P M1 G2 R2 S


kaamaa- | kshee || am- |ba kanci ||
kaamaa- | kshee || am- |ba anu- ||
dinamu mara vaga- | nE nee ||
paadamula dhik | kanusu nammidi- ||
ni shreekanci ||
kaamaa- | kshee || am- |ba … ||

caraNam 1

kundaradanaa | ,,kuvalaya naya- ||
naa dal- | lirakshimcu ||

caraNam 2

kambugaLa nee- | ,,rada cituraa ||
,,vidu vadanaa | ,,maayamma ||

caraNam 3

kumbakusa mada | matta gajagama ||
padma bhava hari | shambhu nuta pada ||
shankaree nee- | vu naa cintala ||
vEvEga deerc- | camma ipuDu ||

caraNam 4

bhakta jana kal- | pa latikaa karu- ||
Naalayaa sata- | yaagiri danaya ||
kaavavE shara- | NaagatuDu kadaa ||
daamasamu sE- | yaka varamosagu ||

caraNam 5

paadaka mulaNu | deercci nee pada ||
bhakti santata | meeyavE … ||
paavani kadaa | ,,moravinadaa ||
paraakEla nam- | ,,ma vinamma ||

caraNam 6

kalusha haariNi | sadaanada phala ||
daayaki | yani birudu bhuvi- ||
lO kali- | gina dorayanusu ||
vEdamu | moraliDagavini ||

caraNam 7

nee bavana nila- | yaa soora samuda- ||
yaa kara vidhruta | soovalayaa mada ||
tanuja vaaraNa | mrugEndraarccita ||
kalusha dahana ga- | naa aba- ||
rimita vaibhava- | mu kala nee smara- ||
Na madilO dala- | cina janaadula- ||
ku bahu sampada- | la niccE vipu- ||
Du maagabha- | ya miyyavE ||

caraNam 8

shyaama krishNa sa- | hOdaree shiva ||
shankaree para- | mEshwaree ||
hari haraadula- | ku nee mahimalu ||
kaNim- | ba daramaa ||
,,suduDam- | maa yabhi- ||
maanamu | lEdaa naa- ||
pai dEvee | paraakEla nE ||
brOvavE ipu- | Du shree bhairavee ||


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  • balajiiyer

    Happy new year to you Dhanya ! What better way to ring in the year than hear Bhairavi. Wonderful rendition.

  • M Balakrishnan

    Well done. Sruti suddham and melodious. BEST WISHES FOR A HAPPY NEW YEAR AND FOR A GREAT MUSICAL CAREER.

  • Mini

    brilliant singing…you have handled both mandara sthayi and thara sthayi with equal ease, grace and clarity! We are listening to this rare composition for the 1st time and thanks for making it a musical treat. Even after the song ended, the phrases seem to be hovering around our ears for a while. The audio quality and streaming quality were very good. Great post, will keep listening to it again!!

  • Ranjani Ramkumar

    Hi Dhanya , Very Melodious . I appreciate the efforts taken by you in singing each song in the website so well that one can learn it by listening to it .

  • Prabha

    Very melodious!!!.
    Please add the notation too. It will be easier to follow.
    I really enjoyed all the other songs.

  • achuthaan

    dear sir! your site is so benifitial to all guys haunting for knowledge in this hard field of carnaticl music.MY REQUEST TO YOU IS PLEASE INCLUDE VERBAL RECITATION OF LESSONS (i.e) NEW KORVAI IN ALL THALAS IN WORDS .AWAITING FOR YOUR UPGRADE!!!

  • Phani

    This is my fav song of all.

  • Nanda

    Very soulful rendering and absence of percussion only adds to the effect. Wonderful and thank you.


  • Bhaminitrivedi

    Hi Dhanya,

    The slow even pace of Bhairavi enhances the beauty of Godess Kamakshi. This is an excellant rendering.

  • Thank you so much for this most meditative rendering of such a masterpiece. Your voice is so soothing and the slight echo in the recording seems to take one to the Kamakshi temple itself. The temple picture selected for the video is so ethereal and mystical. The words of Shyama Sastry in this song, are, in my opinion, some of the most inspired ones in all of Carnatic music. Overall, what a wonderful experience it is to listen to your rendering. Thank you, once again, so much. I am sure I will be listening to it many times over. May Kamakshi’s blessings be on you always,
    Prabhakar Chitrapu, Blue Bell, PA (

  • Ramakrishnan Venkata

    m/s Dhanya i have listened to your AMBA KAMAKSHI a few times and also courtesy U TUBE, by a few others aswell. iam completely flabbergasted with the awesome way you have rendered this swarajathi–absolute melody with all the grandeur of the BHAIRAVI RAGA . just wondering how can one sing with so much bhava and bakthi . god bless you–Ramakrishnan.v chennai

  • Ramsankar1969

     Very nice voice and is useful for music listeners and learners. 

  • Bhaminitrivedi

    Hi Dhanya

    Hi Dhanya,

    I listened to the Bhairavi swarajithi. You have sung it divinely. The essence of Bhairavi is felt deeply in every note and throughout. My heartfelt thanks for making the entire song available for eager listerners.

    Thank You
    Bhamini Trivedi

  • Vijay krishna

    Dear Dhanya sri garu…Every day i listen to this swarajati… Hearing this melodious swarajati..with your devotional voice takes me to other world…it is in your style i could  imagine  how the great shyma sastry has envisoned the great goddess kamashi…i appreciate your effort in bringing these swarajati’ a common man like me….i request you to bring more  and more compositions of shyama sastri…

  • Ramamoorthy

    Everyday I am listening to your voice Upload your songs.
    V.Ramamoorthy Stamford CT

  • Shivatma

    Dear Madaame,
    Namaskaarams. I was just enthralled to hear your rendition of this Bhairavi song here…I am not sure of the recording here, but i heard it in my earphone like you were singing in a temple corridor, (echo et al)… it just added to the healing effect of the song as i have closed my eyes while listening. Such Bhavam and such spirit you have put into the Ragam.! No words than to say, ‘nanri’.

  • Balaji

    Thank you for uploading. I’ve not heard something this beautiful for a very long time. What bhava have you brought out! ; I found myself weeping. Very special.

  • Padma Vathi


  • Harini

    Thanks for this wonderful rendition. Your voice can move masses.

  • vidya s. rao

    thanks for this melodious rendition. could u pl let me know do u hv online classes. especially for alapne.