Song: siva ganga nagara nivAsini
rAgam: punnAga varALi
tAlam: Adi
Composer: Papanasam Sivan
Genre: Carnatic | Indian
Language: Sanskrit
Artist: Dhanya Subramanian |

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  • i heard sivaganga nagara nivaasini VERY MELODIOUS ….AND NICE FLOW OF VOICE

  • bhaminitrivedi

    Hi Dhanya,

    This song is absolutely melodious and very pleasant to hear.

  • Sriram


    Can you tell me who is this keerthanam about? Which god/goddess? What is it saying?


  • I believe it is in praise of Goddess Raja Rajeswari – the presiding deity at the Sivagangai Palace

  • Bhamini Trivedi

    Hi Dhanya

    This song is sung very melodiously by you. Thanks- Bhamini

  • Gullapalli Chinmayee

    The voice is as sweet as the Sahitya of the song . . . . . . . loved it !

  • Kalambursrinivasan

    Kalambur Srinivasan

    Very melodious and enchanting.   A rare composition in Punnaga Varali.
    Great.      Srinivasan