Song: geetham 01, lambodara (sree gananatha)
rAgam: malahari
tAlam: rupakam, Chathurasra Jãthi
Genre: Carnatic | Indian
Composer: Purandara Dasa
Language: Sanskrit
Artist: Dhanya Subramanian, Vismaya Gopalan |
Geetham: #1 (Gãnãmrutha Bõdhini)

Lyrics / Notation:

Arohanam : S R1 M1 P D1 S
Avarohanam: S D1 P M1 G2 R1 S

[1] M P | D S S R || R S | D P M P ||
Sree | Ga na na tha || sin dhu | ra var na ||
R M | P D M P || D P | M G R S ||
ka ru | Na sa ga ra || ka ri | va dha na ||
S , | R M G R || S R | G R S , ||
lam | bo dha ra || la ku | mi ka ra ||
R M | P D M P || D P | M G R S ||
am | ba su tha || a ma | ra vi nu tha ||
S , | R M G R || S R | G R S , ||
Lam | bo dha ra || la ku | mi ka ra ||
[2] M P | D S S R || R S | D P M P ||
Sid dha | cha ra na || ga na | se vi tha ||
R M | P D M P || D P | M G R S ||
Sid dhi | vi na ya ka || the | na mo na mo ||
[3] M P | D S S R || R S | D P M P ||
Sa ka | la vi dya || dhi | pu ji tha ||
R M | P D M P || D P | M G R S ||
Sa | rvo ttha ma || the | na mo na mo ||



Sri Gananatha — sindhura varna — karunasagara — kari vadhana lambodhara lakumikara — ambasutha amaravinutha (Lam)

Meaning: Oh! Lord of all things, red in color, who is ocean in mercy, having a big stomach. Oh! son of Parvathi, you are worshipped by all.


Siddha Charana ganasevitha siddhi vinayaka the namo namo (Lam)

Meaning: Siddhas and Charanas offer worship to you. My pranams to you without whom ashta sidhis are impossible.


Sakala vidyadi pujitha sarvothama the namo namo (Lam)

Meaning: You are worshipped at the beginning of all arts. My pranams to you who is superior to all Gods.

(Source: Ganamrudha Bodhini, p.56, Geetham 1 )


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