Song: geetham 02 (kunda goura)
rAgam: malahari
tAlam: rupakam, Chathurasra Jãthi
Composer: Purandara Dasa
Language: Sanskrit
Genre: Carnatic | Indian
Artist: Dhanya Subramanian |
Geetham: #2 (Gãnãmrutha Bõdhini)

Lyrics / Notation:

Arohanam : S R1 M1 P D1 S
Avarohanam: S D1 P M1 G2 R1 S

[1] D P | M G R S || R M | P D M P ||
Kun da | Gou ra || Gou | Ri va ra ||
D R | R S D P || D P | M G R S ||
Man | di ra ya || ma | na ma ku ta ||
S , | R , R , || D P | M G R S ||
Man | da ra || ku su | ma ka ra ||
S R | M , G R || S R | G R S , ||
Ma ka | ran dam || va | si thu va ||
[2] D P | M G R S || R M | P D M P ||
He ma | ku ta || sim | ha sa na ||
D R | R S D P || D P | M G R S ||
Vi ru | pa ksha || ka ru | na ka ra ||
[3] D P | M G R S || R M | P D M P ||
Chan da | ma ma || man | da gi ni ||
D R | R S D P || D P | M G R S ||
Man | di ra ya || ma | na ma ku ta ||



Kuntha goura Gowri vara mandhirãya mana makuta mandãra kusumãkara magarantham vãsithuvã

Meaning: Oh! Lord of Gowri, you are as white as jasmine flower. You wear the kreeda which looks like a palace. You spread the smell of the honey of the parijatha.


Hé makuta simhãsana virupãksha karunãkara (Man)

Meaning: You sit in the golden chair. You have three eyes and you are full of mercy.


Chanda mãma mandãgini mandirãya mãna makuta (Man)

Meaning: You have your makuta as the place of residence for the Moon and the Ganga.

(Source: Ganamrudha Bodhini, p.56, Geetham 2 )


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    Hemakuta simhasana means not golden chair. Hemakuta is a hill in Krnataka where the deity Virupaksha seated!! So “Hemakuta Simhasana” .The hill is situated to the south of Hampi village. It bears several small temples that predate the construction of Vijayanagara as the capital of the empire, some being as early as the 10th century. The hill was fortified when the main city was constructed, and a number of more recent temples, tanks, entrances, and gopurams exist on the hill, some of which were never completed.

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