Song: sri abhayAmba
rAgam: sri
tAlam: Adi
Composer: Muthuswamy Dikshitar
Genre: Carnatic | Indian
Language: Sanskrit
Artist: Dhanya Subramanian |

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  • ravishankar84

    First of all Whata Bright Beginning to Sri Ragam with ur Aarohanam and Avarohama .. Still ringing in my ears . Great .. and what a lift to the song you have given by Glrifyign Goddess Abhyamba … You deserve alll great appreciation for this rendition. Even this takes you near to Goddess Abhyamba Sannidhi in Tamilnadu. I visiited that Temple .. Your song is justified and apt to to be sung at the Abbhyamba Goddess Sannidhi in Tiruvarur..


    Thank you Dhanya ! Another MSS ! Jyothisharatna Raman

  • jayashree naresh

    Very beautiful rendering g of this wonderful composition. Great voice. I am glad that I found your website. Thank you your music. This is great for music lovers like myself.