Song: jaya jaya swAmi
rAgam: nAttai
tAlam: Adi
Composer: Narayana Theerthar
Genre: Carnatic | Indian
Language: Sanskrit
Artist: Dhanya Subramanian |

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  • Yesh Prabhu

    Wow! How pleasant, melodious and sweet this is! Sung without accompaniment, with only a tambura for shruti, the singing is deeply impressive. Sung with so much bhakti and bhaava, in an unhurried manner, it touched my heart. Because Mrs. Dhanya Subramanian sang from the heart, and not just from the throat, it touched my heart, I believe. This is how Carnatic music must be sung; with shruti shuddha, bhakti and bhaava, and in an unhurried manner. I was surfing Internet to find out who the composer of this kriti was (I had listened to to a vocalist singing this kriti in a video on YouTube), and came across this website. I am so glad that I did.
    Yesh Prabhu, Bushkill, Pennsylvania