Song: vandE mAtaram
rAgam: rAga mAlika (yaman kalyAn – thilAng – senchurutti – sindhu bhairavi)
tAlam: Adi
Composer: Subramanya Bharathi
Genre: Carnatic | Indian
Language: Tamil
Artist: Dhanya Subramanian |


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  • utopianb

    Amazing voice and composition! I am listening to this again and again and again….

  • dhanyasy

    @utopianb: thank you for the feedback. D

  • Sumukhi

    Beautiful song!! Very relaxing.

  • @Sumukhi thx for the comment and glad to note the sentiment

  • ravishankar84

    Great singing. Nice Patriotic feeling when hearing this song.. Very nice to hear this in a Ragamalika…. As always sung with great passion and good feel,. The most striking part of your singing is your stress and use of ganakas just is like crowning the song on the top.. Awaiting more more you… Eager to hear more from you

  • hema

    wish u all the best for the upcoming programme .ur efforts are great.god bless you.
    the ebook invitation is nicely done.

  • Nice to hear once again, during election time(?)

  • Buvana

    Excellent rendition….