Lesson: 002 :: janta varisai :: 01-09
rAgam: mAyA mAlava gowlai
tAlam: Adi
Genre: Carnatic | Indian
Artist: Dhanya Subramanian | dhanyasy.org

  • Bhamini Trivedi

    Hi Dhanya,

    This is excellant. Can I have your telephone number? . I live in the south bay.

  • Sthanunathan

    Hi Dhanya,

    U have a mellifluous voice and it is a great joy to listen and learn.

    How about putting the ‘sapta tala alankara varisaikal’ and ‘geethams’ also for the benefit of the interested.

    U r doing a great service in promotion of carnatic sangeetham.

    Thanks a million.

  • Kiron Nandakumar

    Hi Dhanya,

    Very nice website..got this link casually and found its very informative…nice work and keep posting..

  • Vani

    Hi I wanted to revise all my carnatic lessons learnt over the years. But i wanted a voice which was soft and young. (Coz i learn just by listening) Im glad i found your site. If you sell your DVDs for full carnatic lessons. Please let us know. Thank you

  • Madhulovit

    Thank you Dhanya. I find your site really helpful, now I can understand what my 5 yr old is singing .


  • Ssreevani

    Thanks a lot for uploading this Dhanya!

  • M

    excellent site for making the initial learning interesting!

  • Sindhuja Kumar

    Great site for the beginners and music lovers….Thank you so much for this clear audio.One suggestion – You can also add the lyrics part for each video below so that it will be easy to see and sing until they are thorough with the lyrics.Thanks.