Song: Gajanana Om Gajavadana
Genre: Bhajan | Indian
Artist: Dhanya Subramanian, Vismaya Gopalan |

  • Anu

    Khushi and I totally loved it.. Heard it so many times and its gets better each time. Vishmaya voice is so cute and awesome…

  • viduram

    Hey Dhanya What a Divine voice !!! I could feel the divinity in your voice and Vishmaya voice is soooo cute.Best wishes


  • Radhika

    Lovely rendition Dhanya. your voice is tranquil and soothing.vismaya too.

  • Sreeram, Ammamma Sureshmama

    Your music is marvellous Vimu, u sung mellodeously…………Wauuuuuuuuuu brilliant, ur mom also sung really well. U r a brilliant duo, please sing more.

  • @Anu @Priya @Radhika @Sreeram Thank you for your comments and support.

  • sukanya

    That is so sweet Dhanya. Anika loved listening to Vismaya. She wanted to see her on the screen though :).

  • Thanks. If Vismaya hears this, she will insist on a video recording next time 🙂 We have a recital with the kids at the San Jose temple in January. See Do make it if you can, with Anika.

  • hema jahnavi kishore

    vismaya has a good sruthi suddhi.please tell vismaya that kichu anna and jahnavi akka heard her singing and they say v good.

  • Vijay

    Hi Dhanya,
    First of all Thank you for uploading this divine music lessons.
    I am a leanrer and could you please let me know what ragas are all these Bajans.

  • Saranathanl

    Very nice composition.