Song: Sankara Sadasiva
Genre: Bhajan | Indian
Language: Sanskrit
Artist: Dhanya Subramanian, Vismaya Gopalan |

  • Mini

    This is for our little have sung so well, Kanne..catching all the fine nuances…I am so proud of you…listening to you online is like having you in our living room…good job on all the Bhajans!!

  • perfect repitition,,by the small child with perfect sruthi/timings to start and stop/with rythm/the greatest part is the credit done with out accompanying of any side insrument..great efforts AND INTEREST taken to compose/present congragulations both teacher and student.. has shown even with out any paccca vadyam… oyou can bring out … See MoreMELODY.. CONGRAGULATIONS…..TO BOTH .WAITING for more and more melodious presentations from you

  • Sreeram

    Mellodious voice combined with spiritual exuberance made this a classical celebrated duet bajan. We as listeners also involved in this spiritual harmony chanting along with your music. Thanks for the bajan. (Panchamy and family , Brahmanram and all)

  • Anu_1111

    Very nice. Enjoyed both teacher and student.
    Which ragam is this in?

  • Nsuk

    Please can you advise what raga.

  • It is Mohanam

  • Sini

    could you explain about the composer & lyricist of these bhajans?

  • Sharadhasridhar

    You are doing an amazing job! its just our bad luck we dont live in CA. Keep up teh great work!