Song: dhim dhim dhemi dhemi natana siva
rAgam: hindOlam
tAlam: Adi
Language: Sanskrit
Genre: Carnatic Bhajans | Indian
Artist: Dhanya Subramanian, Vismaya Gopalan |
Artwork: Aruna Gopalan

dhim dhim dhemi dhemi natana siva
thaandava keli vilaasa siva
leela maanusha vesha siva
lingothbhava hara sambha siva
sambha siva sambha siva
sabapathe sri sambha siva
  • David Wieck

    Dhanya, this performance is very touching. Beautiful singing but also a demonstration how well trained ear and voice needs to be in order to perform this simple yet moving song. And how well Vismaya is doing in intonation and expression! I can hear how close she is to her mother, listening carefully and joining in heartedly with her pure voice. This is more than music.
    David, Frankfurt

  • Sai Swetha_06

    we want song wriiten with sa,re ga ma pa da sa please

  • vijitha

    Dhanya – We live in Dayton, OH. I did not come across your contact number anywhere on your website. I sent you a message through your email link. But did not hear back from you. I am very much interested in online Carnatic classes. Can you please let me know the best way to contact you? You have such a divine voice. Appreciate your response on this.