2015 annual day concert – 1 of 2

Saturday · May 02, 2015 @ 2:30pm PT

Santana Dharma Kendra
193 Commercial St
Sunnyvale, CA 95086 USA


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  • Group 01: Devika, Janvi, Krishna, Kriya, Pallavi, Sathvega, Varrshni, and Vismaya
  • Group 02: Hiranmayi, Janvi, Kavya, Megha, Nandita, Rithika, Sura, and Vyas
  • Group 03: Akshar, Krisha, Navya, Praveen, Ridhi, Sreeya, Sneha, and Vyas
  • Group 04: Ahana, Chetana, Janvi, Jyosshnaa, Kavya, Pavithra, Rahul, Swathi B, and Vibha
  • Group 05: Adithya, Ashwika, Nandana, Naveen, Pallavi, Pavithra, Sahana, Swathi B, and Vyas
  • Group 06: Achyuth, Aparna, Hari, Jocelyn, Pranav, Sankhya, Sudhir, Vismaya, and Vyas
  • Group 07: Gargi, Harshini, Jayesh, Pallavi, Shreya, Siri, Sudeep, and Vismaya
  • Group 08: Anushri, Arhath, Janvi, Naren, Rahul, Shaaketh, Sankhya, Sathvega, and Vyas
  • Group 09: Ashmitha, Kriya, Pavithra, Rahul, Riya, Sahana, Shreya, and Sruthi
  • Group 10: Anishka, Jayesh, Kavna, Megha, Neha, Pavithra, Sneha, and Shrijani
  • Group 11: Ananya, Ashritha, Atmika, Nayana, Rahul G, Sattvika, Siri, and Vyas
  • Group 12: Amrita, Anishka, Ankita, Mahati, Neha, Sneha, and Shrijani
  • Group 13: Akshar, Anushri, Aparna, Atmika, Nandanaa, Sattvika, and Vismaya
  • Group 14: Abhiram, Adithya, Arjun, Hiranmayi, Nandanaa, Pavithra, Rithika, and Swathi B
  • Group 15: Janvi, Pallavi, Pavithra, Rahul, Shreya, Swathi B, Vismaya, and Vyas


Accompanied by:

[mks_toggle title=”Violin: Aditya Ramabadran” state=”close”]
Aditya Ramabadran has learnt violin from Sri Susheela Narasimhan for the past 6 years and is now continuing to learn under the guidance of Smt Lakshmi Balasubramanya. Aditya is a 6th grader at Miller Middle School, San Jose, and enjoys Math and Computers in his free time.[/mks_toggle]

[mks_toggle title=”Violin: Yogitha Balasubramanian” state=”close”]
Yogitha is a 7th grader at Hopkins Junior High School, Fremont. She is currently learning carnatic vocal from Smt Nandini Ramamurthi and violin from Sri Vittal Ramamurthy. Yogitha performs in some of the local Bay Area events. Yogitha also learns Hindustani Music from Smt. Archana Tamhankar and Sri Manoj Tamhankar. In her free time, Yogitha enjoys reading.

[mks_toggle title=”Mridangam: Gautham Viswanathan” state=”close”]
Gautham Viswanathan is a disciple of Sri Ramesh Srinivasan. He has participated in Tala Vadya programs conducted by Sarvalaghu Percussion Arts Center and in Cleveland Carnatic symphony programs. Gautham lives in Chennai, where he is an 8th Grade student at KFI. He enjoys science, video games, chess and basketball.

[mks_toggle title=”Keyboard: Arun Anand Natarajan” state=”close”]
Sri Arun Anand Natarajan, a self-taught musician, is a resident of SF bay area. He started playing the keyboard from a very young age and has been driven by an interest to explore carnatic music with the western instrument. He has accompanied many young artists on stage, in carnatic music events.

Event Details:

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Program Handout | 2015 Annual Day Concert | 1 of 2 | dhanyasy.org by Dhanya Subramanian on Scribd


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2015 Annual Day, Concert 1 of 2
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How to get there:
Click here for directions to Sanatana Dharma Kendra.



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