Sahaana (pronounced sahānā, Sanskrit: सहाना, Tamil: ஸஹானா) is a popular rāgam (musical scale) in Carnatic music. It is a janya rāgam (derived scale) associated with the 28th Melakarta rāgam Harikambhoji. It is not related to Shahana.

It is a Ubhaya Vakra sampoorna ragam. Vakra, means crooked. Ubhaya Vakra means that the notes in both ascent and descent follow a zig zag pattern. The notes in ascending and descending scale do not follow a strict progression, but are zig-zag. Hence the note phrases contain such vakra phrases, lending a unique beauty to this rāgam. Though it is a sampoorna rāgam (contains all 7 notes), the vakra scale means it is not considered a melakarta, as melakarta rāgams must have strictly ascending and descending scales. It is also classifed as a rakti raga (ie raga with high melodic content)

Its ārohaṇa-avarohaṇa structure (ascending and descending scale) is as follows:

ārohaṇa: S R2 G3 M1 P M1 D2 N2 S
avarohaṇa: S N2 D2 P M1 G3 M1 R2 G3 R2 S

(Chathusruthi Rishabham, Antara Gandharam, Suddha Madhyamam, Chathusruthi Dhaivatham, Kaisiki Nishadham)
Its characteristic phrases are (R2 G3 M1 P), (P M1 D2 N2), (N2 S D2), (G3 M1 R2). Sahana has a distinct mood due to these phrases and characteristic gamakams and is rarely confused with other ragams.

(Source: wikipedia)


Indha Veenaikku Theriyathu (Tamil)

Film: Rayil Sneham
Language: Tamil
Singer: K.S.Chitra
Music Director: V.S.Narasimhan
Year: 1992

Anbe Sugama (Tamil)

Film: Parthale Paravasam
Language: Tamil
Singer: Sadhana Sargam, Srinivas
Music Director: A.R.Rahman
Year: 2001

Ennodenthinee Pinakkam (Malayalam)

Film: Kaliyaattam
Language: Malayalam
Singer: Bhavana Radhakrishnan
Music Director: Kaithapram Damodaran
Year: 1997

Paarthen Sirithen (Tamil)

Film: Veera Abhimanyu
Language: Tamil
Singer: P.B.Srinivas, P.Susheela
Music Director: K.V.Mahadevan
Year: 1965

Poonthena (Tamil)

Film: Eera Nilam
Language: Tamil
Singer: Chinmayee
Music Director: Sirpy
Year: 2003

Rukku Rukku Rukku (Tamil)

Film: Avvai Shanmughi
Language: Tamil
Singer: Kamal Hassan, Sujatha
Music Director: Deva
Year: 1996

Chenthar Mizhi (Malayalam)

Film: Perumazhakkalam
Language: Malayalam
Singer: Madhu Balakrishnan, K.S.Chitra, Kalyani Menon
Music Director: M.Jayachandran
Year: 2004

Naadha Nee Varumbol (Malayalam)

Film: Vaasthavam
Language: Malayalam
Singer(s): K.S.Chitra, Pradeep
Music Director: Alex Paul
Year: 2006

Engo Piranthavaram (Tamil)

Film: Bommai
Language: Tamil
Singer: P.Susheela
Music Director: S.Balachandar
Year: 1963

Note: This is actually a Raga Malika, starts with Sahana though.

Thiruvaranmula Krishna (Malayalam)

Film: Thulasi Theertham
Language: Malayalam
Singer: K.S.Chitra
Lyrics: Chowalloor Krishnankutty
Music Director: TS. Radhakrishnan
Year: 2003